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Welcome to LW Family Mediation. We help couples overcome problems associated with separation and divorce, with the goal of helping them talk and work through problem areas, particularly in relation to children and finances, so that you can plan for a better future apart.

This website helps to explain what mediation is, how to get started and the costs involved. If you want to know more, have questions, or would like to arrange your first sessions, call us on 01452 521 281 or use our contact page

About Mediation

Find out more about what "Mediation" is. Here we explain what you can talk about and what you can expect from the process. Click here to find out About Mediation

Getting Started

Here we explain the steps to your first mediation session, what is involved, and how we run the sessions. Click here to find out Getting Started

Costs of Mediation

What are the costs of mediation, and how does this compare to court costs.Legal Aid available.We explain our services and the Costs here